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عکس های زوج taoris به درخواست تمنا جون

I like it how Kris does it in such an easy way. He doesn't even laugh at his own prank!


Kris playing Basketball and,Tao just looking,ever so adorable

OMFG IS MY FUCKING TURN TO CRY No srsly im gonna cry

/ignores all that terrible fashion and kris' dumb face b/c omg tao bby and his precious face and red hair *w*

KRIS & TAO ♡ People stop shipping. Honestly, there something called "bromamce". Why can't two guys be really close friends anymore??? They just automatically get shipped if they make physical contact with ANYBODY!!! I mean no offense. But honestly. Shipping drives me crazy.

Twitter / exonyeondan: TaoRis polaroid cr: danzitao ...

Tao + Kris (EXO-M) TaoRis

Awww Kris  Tao. When Kris left I can't only imagine how hard it was on Tao. They are besties!

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